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What we do
Site Visit Feasibility Report
Interior Coordination Planning of the Cuisine
Ad Agency & Printer Selection Budget Report
Designing & Planning the Kitchen The Kitchen Equipment
Planning Stores & Misc Areas Appointment of Senior Personnel
Purchase of Crockery, Cutlery, etc. Software Evaluation
Supervision Personnel Recruitment
Operation Systems Sales & Marketing
Pre Opening The Opening of the Restaurant

Site Visit.
The first visit is made to ascertain the size, potential, location and the suitability of the land for the project. Based on the findings, we will make our recommendations regarding the concepts and the strategies to be followed.

Feasibility Report.
A brief report is prepared to define the place, the competition and to examine the commercial viability of the investment.

Interior Coordination.
We shall help you in identifying the interior designer and prepare a brief of the concept as envisaged by us. A rough layout is prepared for the concept along with brief description.

Planning of the Cuisine.
The type of cuisine, the concept and the taste is decided taking into consideration the market report and the taste of targeted population.

Advertising Agency & Printer Selection.
The agency is selected based on its past performance and detail concept is provided for the restaurant. Ad budget is worked out for launching of the project for a period of 1 year.

Budget Report.
A brief estimate is prepared to arrive at the total cost involved, defining the specifications for each and every element of cost and then comparing these costs on the basis of a market survey.

Designing & Planning the Kitchen.
Type of cuisine and the type of service to be provided to guests is selected initially. Detailed layout plan indicating the placements of equipment as well as instructions for the execution of other services like: electrification, exhaust system, ventilation, drainage, plumbing, etc. will be drawn accordingly.

The Kitchen Equipment.
Detailed cost report is prepared by us giving you the total estimate for the kitchen equipment, refrigeration, ducting and gas bank with gas piping. We would evaluate the tenders, quotations, ratify bills and supervise the installations.

Planning Stores & Miscellaneous Areas.
A through planning of the store rooms (wet & dry), staff dining, changing room, toilet and administrative areas would be done in consultation with your architect/interior designer, with reference to the basic operational needs and as per statutory requirements.

Appointment of Senior Personnel.
Senior staff like, Manager, Ex-Chef and Accountant is appointed so that they will be well versed with the installation of the capital equipments and its operations.

Purchase of Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware, Hollowware, Linen & Uniforms.
A procurement list of these is prepared with reference to the standard of service to be introduced in the restaurant and the allotted budget.

Software Evaluation & Invitation of Quotations.
We shall prepare a brief for software designers and invite quotations for the hardware & software. We shall evaluate the software packages offered and oversee the installation.

On site supervision will be provided in the service areas and would involve the plumbing, drainage, electrification, etc. in order to avoid any error during implementation of the kitchen plan.

Personnel Recruitment.
Detailed list of personnel required will be drawn up with optimum needs for an effective operation. This recruitment would be done from the applications received through your advertisement for staff.

Operation Systems.
Detailed operation system will be prepared for accounting and F&B controls. Simple formats of all operational forms and registers will be introduced in consultation with your department and your senior staff for the day-to-day operations.

Sales & Marketing.
We will assist & guide you regarding advertisement and prepare a budget and brief your advertising agency on the special features of the restaurant and supervise special launch functions.

Pre Opening.
Food trials are carried out in order to define the taste, texture, portion size and effective cost. Staff will be trained and mock services will be conducted to help in the smooth functioning of the restaurant.

The Opening of the Restaurant.
We shall assist during the opening of the restaurant. Our team will monitor the total operational areas and provide help wherever required. Any operational problems will be rectified immediately. This support will be provided for 15 days from the opening date.

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