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Causal Reverie F&B Consulting carries a team of qualified professionals in the hospitality, marketing and hospitality P.R. Industries. We are dedicated to reinforcing your entrepreneurial and managerial skills by creating, developing and implementing solutions, giving you the necessary tools to work on your business success. If you at a point when the enthusiasm of Hospitality business fading with quires likes:

How can the business be set up to work productively and efficiently when Iím not there in person?

How can employees be motivated to work without direct supervision all the time?

How can systems be put in place so large numbers of customers can be served efficiently and consistently?

How can the amount of time spent doing the things I really enjoy can be maximized?

How can the amount of time spent doing the things I donít like but have to do be minimized



Dramatically increase your turnover and profitability
Learn how to find and retain motivated staff
Discover how to work smarter not harder
Better stress management to expand the reach of your business

Causal Reverie can evaluate the hotel or resort Food and Beverage - F & B - department and Catering Sales, their staffing, and their tools so as to turn them into more effective producers - both in the F & B outlets and as an attractor for room revenue.

Causal Reverieís F & B consultancy conception & ideation is based on strategic implementation of restaurants, hi-end resorts, hotels inter departmental management operation protocol, marketing application, efficient and strategies of hi-end production support develop instruments of presentation & components for banquet departments & corporate F & B lodge facility by strategic tools of:

research into local and national markets so as to guide the marketing and production decision process amalgamated to perfect harmony
hi-end bar lay up recommendations with blue class condiment choice
banquet catering menus that signify hi-end culinary status, market to the property's target audiences, take advantage of gaps in the market draw business from the local comp set, give some assurance against kitchen "let-down"
banquet designs that fulfill the "look" needed for the audiences
service styles that will give the property an edge on its comp set
banquet & catering sales training that is outgoing and customer directed
service training for restaurant managers, floor & banquet managers and line staff
analysis of the kitchen operations, procedures, and profitability
decor reorganization and design of adaptable lighting systems that can cost little yet give the meeting rooms a new look and ambiance that will delight target audiences
Corporate F & B trainings sessions & F & B seminars

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