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Restaurant Business Opportunities

Restaurant Business Opportunities

Restaurant Strategies has an expert team of consultants who work with real estate developers and owners to create effective Restaurant Business Plans based on local demographics, budget considerations and physical space. Restaurant Strategies is experienced in creating single concept prototypes that may be developed for expansion into multiple venues. In addition, the consultants work with new restaurateurs interested in restaurant business opportunities, as well as veteran owners

Restaurant Setup

Looking to startup a new restaurant? Chandan Bandyopadhyay, administrator of Causal Reverie with his team of unpareral culinary experts; Corporate chefs, Executive chefs & General managers holding at par track records, is one of the country's most experienced restaurant startup consultants. Teamís track record in hospitality services and restaurant startup design includes consulting projects are true achievements.

If you would truly like to make your restaurant startup a success, we can leverage our experience and expertise towards helping you create a truly unique and profitable restaurant. We have a thorough understanding of the American marketplace, and can handle everything from conceptual development to restaurant construction, coordination of pre-opening details, operational effectiveness, staffing, branding and market positioning.

Kitchen Design

Restaurant Strategies brings you access to the country's top interior architects, restaurant design specialists and kitchen designers. Kitchens created to be design-specific to cuisine, location and labor efficiency.

provide complete hospitality and restaurant design, restaurant equipment, interior design and food service consulting. Our team of experienced designers and project managers have been responsible for the layout, development and design of bars, full service restaurants, franchise restaurants, school cafeterias, office employee cafeterias, deli's, bakeries, casino buffets, hotels and espresso cafes all over India and Abroad.

Engineers of Restaurant Strategies think like chefs. We get to know our clients cooking styles and preferences this helps us design kitchens that efficiently use of the available space.

Restaurant Design

Restaurant Strategies brings you access to the country's top interior architects, restaurant design specialists and kitchen designers. From inception, we work with owners to develop concept statement and menu. Then we conduct extensive searches for the most appropriate restaurant design professionals to execute the project. Finally, we coordinate all operational and marketing requirements to seamlessly integrate the components into the design and construction.

Our philosophy of restaurant design stresses the importance of working as a team in the design process. The text incorporates basic design issues (interior and kitchen), sample projects of particular merit, interviews with leading designers and restaurateurs, and a look at the future of restaurant design.

We work with restaurant owners and managers to create kitchen designs that support marketing goals and work to achieve business objectives as well. Our design staff is highly knowledgeable about all areas of restaurant design, from optimizing efficiency to which furnishings and wall coverings are most appropriate.

Restaurant Advertising

Restaurant Strategies develops concept and branding to position restaurants for success. Our world-class team founder of several brands and winner of multiple CLIO awards, and creative director for worldwide food brands. Marketing services can include marketing research, creative direction for print, radio, TV, web site development, graphic design, image development, media and public relations.

The acceleration caused by our modern information rich culture has created a new kind of existence for brands - a nonstop marketplace that knows no timeout. Is time the reason some brands flourish while others sputter slowly along? The time needed to understand a new dynamic in the marketplace? The time it takes to react to a competitors tactics? The time customers are willing to give to a brand's communications and ultimately to the brand itself? If so, the brand that makes the most of time wins.

We use our extensive knowledge of branding and all forms of restaurant advertising to offer bright, insightful creative solutions designed for you. Our goal is to help clients get the greatest profit & brand name.

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